About us

Innovation, high quality and advanced technology

About us

years in business

Hega is a family manufacturing business established in 1995. Initially, our company was located in Łódź. After purchasing and refurbishing production and warehouse buildings in 2003, it was relocated to Zgierz (3 km away from the A2 motorway, close to the A1 and A2 motorway interchange).

Many years of experience

Our company continues to grow thanks to the many years of hard work of the owners and our personnel. Our production buildings contain advanced injection moulding and blow moulding machinery, plastic granulation lines and peripheral equipment. We have our own tool shop with CNC and conventional machine tools. Thanks to the large storage area, we keep most of our products in stock. The goods we manufacture are delivered to our customers using our own transport vehicles. This way, we can meet the growing expectations of the market.

Our products are always of the highest quality.

Thanks to advanced technology and excellent materials.


Own production


We design and produce items from plastics such as:

  • PP (Polypropylene)
  • PE (Polyethylene)
  • PA (Poliamide)
  • PS (Polystyrene)


Professional tools 

 We use our machinery to make items and products using our own moulds as well as moulds provided by our customers, e.g.:

  • grave candle tubes
  • jerrycans
  • bench slats
  • Easter-themed water pistols
  • badminton shuttlecocks
  • and other

We can also granulate plastics for internal use and for our customers.